12 December 2012


 Another trend we have been seeing aroung for a while is sheer stripes.Many designers have incorporated this look into their collections for past and current as well as coming seasons. It's going to be very popular in Spring 2013.

 Alexander Wang

 Taylor Swift in a Tracy Reese dress
Azzedine Alaia Dress

Elie Saab Spring 2013

Helmut Lang Spring 2013

Temperley London Spring 2013

Looks from the Temperley collection are sooo dreamy with a little Dior New Look feeling to them. I love the colours.

30 November 2012


Tom Ford Fall 2012 Cape dress first worn by lovely Gwyneth Paltrow in Oscars 2012.

28 November 2012


We haven't even officially started Winter yet, but I wanted to give you a sneak preview of a Spring trend. Ruffles reminds of two things, Flamenco and the 90's fashion.

 So here we go;

27 November 2012


Sorry for the absence from my blog. Life has been hectic recently, I don't know how long it will last but hey, no two moments are ever the same in life are they?Moving on... Take one coat style, the cocoon, from Jill Sander Fall 2012. Apply different colours and variant in length and you get the pictures below.

5 November 2012


Once considered a fashion crime (sometime between the 90's to present day) White Stillettos are making a comeback. They are picking up pace amongst celebrities so fast that anyone who didn't like them 10 years ago is surely going to love them this time around!

Marion Cotillard, Emma Watson, Selita Ebanks and Gwyneth Paltrow.

4 November 2012


Nicole Kidman brought a touch of old Hollywood glamour to the present day when she attended the Derby Day at the Flemington racecourse in Melbourne, Australia.

29 October 2012


My dear fellow blogger  of pinkyfashion has tagged me. I wanted to do this tag after I had an unordinary day. So here we go;

How was your day?
Today I spent the day with my daughters, because it's a week long half term school holiday. We went out for some shopping!!!

Talking about something without naming it,
I usually talk about my youngest daughter without mentioning her name but she ends up understanding that I am talking about her and comments on what I've said.:)

Why choose window seats?
Because my children want to sit at the window seat usually travelling by plane or coach.

What did you do for yourself today?
Loads! But the nicest was to buy a certain bag I had been lusting after for a while and I got it with a big discount:)

What's the first thing you look at on your Twitter?
Responses to my tweets.

Think about those reading this.
I hope I can continue to post something that interests them.

Caricatures that make you laugh,
This is my fave at the moment.:)I get similar questions asked often.

First sheep is shocked that her friend paid 3000lira for a handbag. The second replies that Eid of sacrifice is only a month away, and since coffins don't have pockets, what's she supposed to do with money?

Type without looking
tyopen wotntn lokjjkgg

Think of a sentence and then type it with words mixed.
Are we the world!

Ctrl + V would be
My blogger url:P

Who are you tagging

That's all folks,


A Dolce & Gabbana Dress in Teal. Recently worn by Naomie Harris to the James Bond Skyfall premiere in Rome.

Three slightly different versions of the dress has so far been worn in two colours.

My Favourite version has to be Naomie Harris, I feel she adds a contemporary glamour to the dress. The worst has to be Laetitia Casta in Black, and Kylie Minogue is not even talking about she makes the dress look so ordinary and it becames just another dress.

To my lovely Turkish readers I would like to as a question. Should I continue to post in Turkish as well or would you be happy to read posts in English only.

Thank you in advance.


This year the fashion industry leaders have teamed up with BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) to raise awareness for a BBC Charity Children In Need.

Her sene Kasım ayında BBC'nin kurduğu yardım derneği Children İn Need için para toplama kampanyası televizyondan yayınlanıyor. Geleneksel olarak bir çok ünlü yarışma, komedi skeçleri vesaire düzenleyerek para toplanıyor. Fark olarak bu sene derneğin sembolü Pudsey Ayıcık ünlü madacılar tarafından imaj değişimine uğramış.

11 October 2012


Katy England is a stylist who has been working behind many famous and successful models, magazine editorials and fashion designers. Although she has a successful portfolio behind her she  prefers to keep a low profile.

Katy England, bir çok başarılı model, magazin editörü ve modacılarla çalışmış bir stilist. Arkasında başarılı bir portfolyo olmasına rağmen fazla göz önünde olmamayı tercih ediyor.

Katy England wearing a McQueen wedding dress.

4 October 2012


Lady Gaga v Liz Hurley in Versace.

Flash back to 1994, premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in London, a young model was on the arm of a handsome man, Liz Hurley was unknown then, but overnight her fortune changed and she was catapulted into the celebrity scene.

Ne derler, taklitler aslını yaşatır. Lady Gaga 1994 yılında henüz şan-ı şöhreti olmayan isimsiz Liz Hurleyi bir gecede şan, şöhret ve daha fazlasına kavuşturan bu elbiseyi giymekle hem elbisenin hemde ilk giyeninin moda dünyasındaki yerinin ne kadar önemli olduğunu ispatlamış oldu.

30 September 2012


Take one McQ by Alexander McQueen, skirt and ensemble it with three stars. What do you get?

Bir McQ ipek, tül ve çiçek eteği alıp üç yıldızla birleştirirseniz ne çıkar karşınıza?

26 September 2012



Anything that is in bold, gold, or bling goes! Forget the less is more mantra, more the better. Especially gold and diamonte accessories. Don't hold back ladies!

Şaşa gösteriş ve abartı bu trend için olmazsa olmaz. Ne kadar varak işleme, taşlı boncuklu kıyafet ve aksesuar bulursanız alın, takın üstünüze.

25 September 2012


Victoria Bechkam dress with a sports collar from Atumn 2012 collection.

Victoria first wore the blue version followed by the grey version of the dress. Each time the dress was worn as in the catwalk version.Next Turkish socialite and fashion designer Siren Ertan has teamed the dress with a Lady Dior bag in tweed and alligator without the belt. Unfortunately I can't find an image showing the front profile of Ms Ertan in full.

24 September 2012



Without owerpowering your whole look why not try a more demure and sophisticated version of this trend with key pieces in black lace and leather teamed with accents of white and red.
This is a very feminine and seductive trend.

18 September 2012



This trend is pretty; it loves colour and channels your inner GEISHA. Try orinental silk embroidery snd cherry-blossom prints in your A/W wardrobe.

7 September 2012


Hello dearest readers:) Please excuse moi for not posting during my holiday, which was over 6 weeks under the sun and on the beech.

I have been able to sort the problem with post editor in blogger and will resume blogging to share my favourite pieces from the fashion scenes around the globe.


20 July 2012


Live the Life! I intend to do so by the sea on the beach, and under the sun. I shall also lie on my hammock with a book, take slow walks on cool breezy summer nights, have good company that I laugh with and enjoy being away from all the stress that I endure while at home.

9 July 2012


The black scallop collar dress from Victoria by Victoria Beckham SS 2012, which is the more affordable range created by the designer is getting quite popular.

Victoria Beckham does manage to pull in the crowds with the celebrity and society circuits globally for her dresses. I do think it has something to do with a heavy PR Power. Tell me if I think wrong, but most of her dresses are probably given to celebrities et all. to wear rather than celebrities asking to wear these dresses or even buy them.

Once a garment graces the body of an Hollywood Star then boom! the rest of the immorals follow. True or not?

Victoria By Victoria Beckham serisinin Ilkbahar Yaz 2012 sezonunda yer alan oyma yaka detaylı elbise gittikçe popüleritesini arttırıyor. Bence bunu kuvettli bir PR projesi yapıyor ama yanılmadığımı düşünüyorum. Tabiki PR yada halkla ilişkiler çalışması olmadan başarılı marka ve ürün olmaz. Ama iş sevgili Vicktorianın elbiselerine gelince hani fazla PR çalışıyor ve resmen neredeyse insanların gözüne sokacak kadar ürünü satıyorlar derim.

Bir kere Hollywood asaleti taşısın her hangi bir ürünü, ardından dünya çapında ünlü ünsüz ve sosyete v.s. takib etmiyormu?

Neyse gelelim elbiseye. Buyrun ünlüsü ve ünsüzü ile taşıyanlar.

Enough of my blah blah, and here is the dress.

Victoria Beckham and Celine Buckens in an identical version.

Michelle Williams is wearing the Black with white collar detail.

Turkish socialite Mrs Feryal Gulman is seen in, my favourite so far, Blue with Black collar detail version.

Benim favorim Feryal Gülmanın taşıdığı versiyon. Siz hangisini beğendiniz?

4 July 2012


Hi everyone. Just a quick post from moi today. When I started these kind of post, with outfits being recycled, I did not honestly think Kate Middleton, the Queen of recycling clothes, would give me so much material to work with. I was thinking I'd be  doing posts on Hollywood stars etc.

The dress is from Alexander McQueen and she first wore to the tour of Canada she went to with William.

Selam herkese. Sizlere bugün kısa tutacağım bir post hazırladım. Aslında bu tür postlar yapmaya basşladığımda Kate Middletonun bana bu kadar çok malzeme cıkaracağı aklımın ucundan bile geçmedi. Daha çok Hollywood yıldızlarını burada konuk ederim sanıyordum.

Elbise bir Moda dehası rahmetli Alexander McQuuen'den. Kate bu elbiseyi ilk kez eşi William bey ile çıktığı Kanada turunda giymişti. Ve bu gün Wimbeldon Tenis Turnuvasını izlerken giydi.

3 July 2012


Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, London, which is the most expensive place to stay in Britain at a minimum of £850 per night has opened its doors to their guests.

Bulgari Otel, Londranın Knightsbridge semtinde, İngilterenin en pahalı oteli olarak, kapılarını misafirlerine açtı. En ucuz £850 sterline ki buda yaklaşık 2'300TL, ödeyerek konaklayabilirsiniz.

A new addition of the Italian jewellery house, with a luxurious 85-room residences

Bulgari Knightsbridge is the sister hotel of Bulgari Hotels in Milan and Tokyo.

Bulgari is part of the French luxury group, LVMH, which paid £2.8  billion for the company last year, adding it to a group of brands that includes Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Veuve Clicquot and Moet & Chandon.

İtalyan mücevher evinin yeni kolu olan bu otel ayrıca Milano ve Tokyodaki Bulgari otellerin kardeş oteli.
Fransız lüx grubu LVMH Bulgariyi bünyesine £2.8 milyar sterline dahil etti. (Bunun kur çevirimini hesaplamayacağım bile!) Hazırda bünyesinde olan Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Veuve Cliquot ve Moet & Chandon markalarına geçen sene Bulgari eklendi.

The hotel sinks six floors underground. There’s a subterranean ballroom, a 47-seater cinema, a 25m pool with glittering green-and-gold mosaics, and a spa with 12 treatment rooms (£220 for a massage). Just a coffee and a smoothie can cost around £20.

Hotel ayrıca yerin altı katına daha iniyor. Yeraltı balo odası, 47 kişilik sinema odası, 25 metrelik havuz, ki duvarları simli yeil ve altın mozaik taşlarla süslenmiş, ve 12 bakım odalı spa da mevcut. (Masajlar £220 sterlinden başlıyor. Kahve ve meyveli smoothie size yaklaşık £20 sterline mal olan restaurantın ana mönüsünün fiyatlarını merak atmiyorum açıkçası.

26 June 2012


A particular Peter Pilotto Dress from Spring 2012 is getting very popular. With the dearest Anna Del Russo stamping her approval on to it, I bet fashionistas around the globe will be rushing to get their hands on to the exact one.

Özel bir Peter Pilotto elbise bu aralar bayğı populer olmaya başladı. En son ikon Anna Del Russo'da giyince eminimki dünyadaki bir çok modasever bu elbiseyi ellerine geçirmek için harekete geçmiştir bile.

It had first been worn by Hollywood star Miranda Kerr. Then a Turkish socialite, dear Aylin Tahincioglu wore the dress in exact print. With Anna Del Russo stepping out in the same dress at Milan Fashion Week this dress is sure to get more column inches from around the globe.

İlk Hollywood yıldızı Miranda Kerr, sonra sosyetemizin güzel hanımlarından Aylin Tahincioğlu ve en sonda moda ikonu Anna Del Russo Milan Moda haftasında bu elbise ile görüntülendi. Şimdiden dünya çapında bir çok moda köşesinde konu olmuştur bile.

I do like Anna Del Russo in this dress as she is bang on trend by accessorising it with Metallic Shades and clutch. I had reported on the trend that is big, in my previous post titled Metallic Love.

Favorim Anna Del Russo. Sebebi kullandığı Metal aksesuarlardan dolayı. Bir önceki Metallic Love adlı postumda bahisetmiştim.

24 June 2012


The Metallic look is big this summer.  Chrome, shiny and reflective materilas are used for the summer  shoes, bags and dresses.

This look is a must have but an easy to follow trend. I did show you my recent sunglasses by Gucci, which have the reflective coating on the lens. Although the picture did not come out as I hoped still I imagined that some of you dear readers may have guessed it was a mirrored coating.

Krom metal görüntülü kıayfet ve aksesuarlar bu yaz çok moda. Yansımalı, parlak ayna görünümlü özel kaplamalarla üretilen malzemelerden yapılan çanta, ayakkabı, takı v.b. hatta metali anımsatan kumaşlardan giysilerden mutlaka edinin. Siz değerli okuyucularıma önceki postumda yeni Gucci gözlüklerimden bahsetmiştim. Resimlerin umduğum gibi çıkmadı ama yinede bazılarınızın aynalı olduğunu tahmin ettiğini umuyorum.