7 November 2012


Gucci Fall 2012 Emerald Green Leopard print dress.

First worn by Natasha Poly, the Russian Model, to Cannes Film Festival, this gorgeous dress was seen again on the red carpet when Swedish actress Alicia Vikander wore to the premiere of her movie Anna Karenina.
The Next time an exact copy of this dress was seen on the red carpet was when heiress Tamara Eccelstone, daughter of billionaire Bernie Ecclestone the boss of Formula One, wore it to the James Bond movie Sky Fall premier in London.
       Kim Kardashian , Natasha Poly , Alicia Vikander  and Tamara Eccelstone
Kim Kardashian has also worn a shorter version of this beautiful dress.
All three "celebs" except Natasha Poly have made me go off this dress. Why would anyone want to wear this dress after Ms Poly? Oh by the way, Tamara Eccelstone really looks awfull!

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