30 November 2012


Tom Ford Fall 2012 Cape dress first worn by lovely Gwyneth Paltrow in Oscars 2012.

Most of us fell in love with the look from the Oscar night. Then Marjorie Harvey, wife of Steve Harvey, the American talk show host had worn the red version of it.
Australian singer Holly Valance, who became a hit with the English version of Turkish Mega Star Tarkan's Simarik song, wore it to an red carpet event. Although it was the same dress as Mrs Harvey but a shorter.
Next is the Turkish socialite Feryal Gulman, who loves to copy Hollywood celebritiy styles and gaining column inches for it. I have to add I used to like her for choosing fashion items which flatters her style and body, however, when she copies a look we have seen on a Hollywood A Lister, it gets really boring after a while. I wished she would be more creative with her clothes. She does have the budget to afford the clothes and the stylist.
Without a doubt for me the best look comes from Gwyneth.

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