29 October 2012


My dear fellow blogger  of pinkyfashion has tagged me. I wanted to do this tag after I had an unordinary day. So here we go;

How was your day?
Today I spent the day with my daughters, because it's a week long half term school holiday. We went out for some shopping!!!

Talking about something without naming it,
I usually talk about my youngest daughter without mentioning her name but she ends up understanding that I am talking about her and comments on what I've said.:)

Why choose window seats?
Because my children want to sit at the window seat usually travelling by plane or coach.

What did you do for yourself today?
Loads! But the nicest was to buy a certain bag I had been lusting after for a while and I got it with a big discount:)

What's the first thing you look at on your Twitter?
Responses to my tweets.

Think about those reading this.
I hope I can continue to post something that interests them.

Caricatures that make you laugh,
This is my fave at the moment.:)I get similar questions asked often.

First sheep is shocked that her friend paid 3000lira for a handbag. The second replies that Eid of sacrifice is only a month away, and since coffins don't have pockets, what's she supposed to do with money?

Type without looking
tyopen wotntn lokjjkgg

Think of a sentence and then type it with words mixed.
Are we the world!

Ctrl + V would be
My blogger url:P

Who are you tagging

That's all folks,

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