1 February 2013


I want to show you what I have been loving in January. I will try to do this for every month. Sometimes there may be more of what I love sometimes perhaps none.

The pink shadow is by Lancome, p203 rose Perlee. I love Lancome's make up range and 80% of my make up items are from Lancome. The pearly white is from Chanel. If you are looking for a shimmery white then this is what I definately can recommed. I have used it on a few eye make up looks that I have posted pictures of it in Instagram.
Chanel 70 Platine from Ombre essentielle range.

 Last shadow is kind of a smokey grey again with shimmer. The particles are so fine that it actually looks very nice.

YSL Touche eclat may be a favorite of many but sadly not for me. It is the lightest in the range. I have to add that I have used better and much cheaper highlighter/concealers. Bourjois is one that I can remember and will be buying it next time I at the make up counter. I like the brush applicator and use it so it runs out rather that waste it. But I don't think I will rebuy it.

Another disappointment is the much hyped (here in UK anyway) Benefit mascara, They're real. So disappointed with it for the price I paid for it. I prefer Lancome Hypnose Doll eyes over it. I will be buying that once this runs out. But to be honest I'm one of those who uses mascara for months more than the recommended 3 month period. I wouldn't even get half way through it.

 Lastly my favourite make up item. Lancome's Juicy Tubes. I buy so many of these that even the ladies at the makeup counter now recognise me because of it. I usually buy them from my local Boots store. Mostly I buy Fraise. But the miniature ones came with gift sets which are given when you buy two items or spend an x amount.

These I had to mention. I dont usually wear anything like this. It's a nice collour but I'm not very brave for bright shoes. But this month's Elle magazine had £20 gift card to use in Kurt Geiger. So I went in and tried these on. When the sales assistant told me gift cards couold not be used for sale items, I felt embarressed to walk out without buying these. I had only picked them up to make use of the magazine gift card. I wanted to try something different to what I'd normally wear so brought these home. I'll probably wear them for spring.

There you have it. What has been a hit or a miss for you? Have a good weekend.


  1. Really good deal on those shoes, love the color! I used a mascara by Chanel recently, but ended up being really disappointed in it. I hate when that happens lol. Great post!

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

    1. Thank you Sarah, I tend to love bright things on others rather than myself. :)
      You know I hate it when we spend loads of money on make up, skin or haircare etc, then end up hating it. I wish more products would sell sample sizes, like those for products to take on holiday.

      Take care

  2. Zelishcim ben far neredeyse hic kullanmiyorum, Dior un, Estee nin, Tom Ford un o 4 farli ambalajlari falan cok hosuma gidiyor ama, bir gun bastan cikip alabilirim, hele TF un emerald tonlarinda olanina bayildim. YSL TE yi da Benefit in TAR ini de merak ediyordum, hic kullanmadim, sen begenmemissin, notumu aldim : )

  3. canımmm far kullanmıyorum en son unı.de oyle cok kullanmısım kı bıkmısım nadır kullanırım..ama mac ıyıdır farda :))bırde papilerın nasıl sekerler oyle askla kullan canım

  4. Your lovely shoes were such a bargain! I must investigate the Chanel eye shadow as it looks like my kind of shade. I used to use Touche Eclat but I'm now using the Clinique Air Brush Concealer which I'm really pleased with. Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my new post.

  5. kurt geiger'ı 19 pound a mı aldınn???? inanamıyorum :)gelsinler buradakiler indirim görsünler, burada altın değerinde her ayakkabısı neredeyse ve bu fiyata asla ama asla ayakkabı yok türkiye'de hemde kurt geiger.şuan bir kez daha neden burada yaşıyorum dedim kendi kendime :( benefit rimeli ben cok sevmiştim gercekten cok cok iyi ama paraya kıyıp almamıstım,sanırım o da 13 pound yada 18 pound gibi birşey değil mi fiyatı, pahalı bencede. highlighter olarak l'oreal touche magique öneririm şiddetle :)

  6. oooooooooooo fıyatlara bak naıslda guzelll ve nasılda ucuzz..ayy canım herseyı mıs gıbı saglıkla kullannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  7. sekerrr nerelerdesınnn merak etımmm

  8. Zelishciiim epeydir yazmıyorsun tatlım. Sen de benim gibi instagram yüzünden istemeden ara verenlerdensin heralde? Öpüyorum ve yeni yazıları bekliyorum:)

  9. Zelishcim, bu arada Benefit They R real mascara konusunda sana katılıyorum. Millet bana övdü de övdü, yok anacım hiç memnun kalmadım. Yazık verdiğim paraya gerçekten. Ben de tavsiye etmiyorum bu mascarayı.


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