23 January 2013


I have lately been quite addicted to INSTAGRAM. I would love you to see my pictures, which are about anything that I like. So have a look at @Trendreporter if you can and let me know what you think.

Apologies, for neglecting my blog for a while. The truth is that end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 has not been too good for me and family members in the health department.
Nothing too critical but enough to affect me in such a way that I have constantly been tired and unwell. The fact that it was so prolonging was the annoying part.

So please forgive.


  1. Canim tekrar gecmis olsun, umarim bundan sonra 2013 ta bomba gibi saglikli olacaksin. Bloguna geri donmene cok sevindim, arada hep baktim, yeni birsey goremeden dondum. Instagram in da hayirli olsun, sonunda ben de dayanamayip giricem sanirim, girince de seni de listeme kesin alicam : )

  2. cokcokcok gecmıs olsun bu yıl sana sans saglık ve huzur getrsın canım


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